About Moai

MOAI has devoted to the development of circuitry for capacitive touch screens since 2013.

With the proprietary capacitive circuitry proves it’s ability to make a stylus works as a ball point pen, and the increasing needs for note-taking,
painting, document annotating, and digital signature with the tablets,
MOAI has prepared to target ODM/OEM manufacturer service for the optimized “active stylus” for our customers.

MOAI believes a convenient and comfortable writing experience with a stylus is necessary.
A true stylus should perform flawless fluency handwriting which can closely flows with our ideas, instead of the broken lines in words
hat many users had experienced in using other passive and active styluses.

We make high quality products with reasonable cost, we value customer’s voices and respond to the market quickly,
and that’s MOAI’s core competence.

We encourage the use of active Stylus being a natural way to combine human lives with technology,
and we will keep devoting ourselves to the utilities that bring fantastic creativity to your lives.

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