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On Personal Data Protection, please see the following Moai Electronics (Moai) Website Privacy:

Moai electronic (Moai) website by "Moai Electronics Corp." operated; to support personal data protection, the protection of individual privacy, Moai electronic (Moai) website the honor with the following statement, to show you Moai electronic (Moai) site collection Matters of personal data of the purpose, type, scope and manner of use, as well as your income and other rights exercised; if you are the Moai Electronics (Moai) site's privacy statement, inform the following related matters, or related to the protection of personal data and related matters have Any doubt, and Moai electronic (Moai) Website Service Center, Moai electronic (Moai) site will respond as soon as possible explanation.


Moai Shopping Network privacy statement and told the matter contained in it, only for Moai Electronics (Moai) sites owned and operated sites. Moai electronic (Moai) may contain links within the Website part, or goods or services offered by other partners, and other relevant information, the linked sites, partner sites and the privacy statement relating to the protection of personal data and inform the matter, See all the linked sites, partner sites each announcement.

Personal data collection purposes and Category

Moai electronic (Moai) website for marketing, customer management and service, providing online shopping and other e-commerce services, to fulfill legal or contractual obligation to protect the interests of the parties and relevant stakeholders, the after-sales service, as well as co-operation in business registration The set of items or articles of association of business and other purposes, depending on the nature of each of the service may collect your name, contact means (including but not limited to telephone, E-MAIL and address, etc.), service units, title, or for the complete collection Information required for the payment, IP addresses, and other directly or indirectly, to identify the identity of the user profile. In addition, to improve service quality, Moai electronic (Moai) site will be in accordance with the nature of the services provided, record the user's IP address, and browsing activity within Moai electronic (Moai) website related sites (for example, users are using The hardware and software, the tap pages), etc., but these data only for network traffic analysis and conduct surveys in order to improve the Moai Electronics (Moai) service quality sites related sites, such information only on the total amount analysis, not specific individuals connected system.

Use of personal data

Moai electronic (Moai) sites collected enough information to identify the identity of the user profile are only Moai Electronics (Moai) on its internal website, in accordance with the purpose of collecting processing and use, except with the prior instructions, or to complete the provision of services or necessary to fulfill contractual obligations, or in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations or the competent authority is entitled to order or request, or Moai electronic (Moai) website will not be sufficient to identify the user identity of personal information to a third party (including domestic and foreign) , or used for other purposes other than the purpose of collecting use. Within the validity period of the contract, as well as within the period set by the Act should be saved, the Moai electronic (Moai) site will continue keeping, processing and use relevant information.

Information Security

Moai electronic (Moai) website will close on reasonable technical and procedural industry standards, maintaining the security of personal information.

The data subject's rights

The parties may request query data, read my profile or request for a duplicate, but Moai electronic (Moai) website was charge a necessary cost and expense. If your personal information has changed, or find your personal information is incorrect, the Moai can be electronic (Moai) site requires modification or correction. When the purpose of collecting personal data disappear or expiry of the period, you can ask to delete, stop processing or use of personal data. But Moai electronic (Moai) website or business must perform their duties, unless.

Cookie & Session

In order to facilitate the user, Moai electronic (Moai) Website may use cookie technology and Session in order to provide better service for users' personal needs; cookie and Session is the website server to the browser and the user of a technical communication It may store certain information on the user's computer, Moai electronic (Moai) Website will read the cookie and the Session data is stored in the user's computer. Users can via browser settings, cancel, or limit the functionality, but may not be able to use part of the website features. If you want to know how to cancel or limit the functionality, please contact Moai Electronics (Moai) site service center.


Depending on the nature of each of the services, in order to smoothly provide related services, or enable the transaction to be successfully completed or fulfilled, if you are reluctant to provide all the services required or exchange of personal data related to Moai Electronics (Moai) website, and agreed Moai electronic (Moai) website in respect of personal information law or regulation, and this privacy statement and related personal information to inform the relevant content of the collection, processing, use and international transport, Moai electronic (Moai) site will respect your decision, but depending on the nature or conditions of the respective service, you may not be able to use such services or completion of the relevant transaction, Moai electronic (Moai) website and retains agree to provide such services, or related transaction is completed.

Right amendments

Moai electronic (Moai) website reserves the right to amend this privacy statement and related issues to inform and obtain the proper position on the Moai publish electronic (Moai) after the revision of the Website, without prior individual notice, you can always Moai electronic read the revised Privacy Statement on (Moai) Website and related matters informed.

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